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Reduce Long-Term Cost With Scalable IP Office Telephone Systems Vancouver

By Sandra Bailey

When buying a phone system for your business, there are some key things to consider before making your final choice. Although the new technology is sure to provide your business with a professional image and a streamlined way of communicating, having the best system possible for your particular business is going to be key to a successful implementation. You need to choose IP Office Telephone Systems Vancouver that takes many factors into consideration, as outlined below.

To begin with, ensure to set a budget. Money is usually one of the deciding factors for many, especially for small ventures. It is important that you set a budget and stick to it. A few things you might want to include in your budget are: Cabling and installation costs, handset upgrades or expansions for staff who handle large volumes of calls such as receptionists, wireless or wired headsets, and wireless handsets for mobile staff in locations such as warehouses, mines, and farms.

When speaking about scalability, it's important to estimate how many extensions you're going to need in the future. This is particularly important for smaller ventures where the owner might be tempted to buy a smaller unit with a limited number of users. To gain true value, always add an extra number of extensions to accommodate this future growth. Even if you decide not to purchase licensing for extra extensions, you must ensure that the unit can be upgraded in the future.

Future growth is often left out of these purchase decisions, which can end up costing you a lot more money in the future. You will often get the best price on the initial purchase and you should take advantage of this whenever possible. If you only have 20 users now but anticipate having 50 in two years, it might be in your best interest to purchase the capacity for those 50 future users now.

Some of the most popular features on business phone systems are: Voicemail and individual voicemail inboxes, day and night auto-attendant, VoIP capabilities, Music on hold, call recording, Wireless handsets and headsets, Conference Calling, Speed Dialing and customer support after installation

For VoIP traffic, you'll need to make sure that both your network and PBX can handle the expected call volume. There are special considerations for VoIP beyond the telephony aspect. The network will also need to be scaled out in the event of future growth and your current network configuration and utilization should be taken into account anytime you anticipate a greater need for network bandwidth.

Once you've purchased your new communication unit, how much is it going to cost you to operate on a daily basis? The initial purchase price may be nothing compared to the long-term cost of owning the unit over the long term. Support and maintenance should be discussed and purchased if possible to minimize additional costs for hardware failure and needed changes to the unit.

There are so many business communication solutions available today and it can be easy to be rushing into making a decision. Take time to plan, discuss, compare and evaluate each option you shortlist - it can save you both time and money.

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