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Becoming Fantasy Fiction Author South Carolina

By Helen Nelson

People dream on being writers but do not know what price one needs to pay for that. You will go through a lot of rejection from companies that think your work is not worth. That is why a lot of people consider having ghost writers to do the work for them. Becoming a fantasy fiction author South Carolina can be an easy thing if you are ready and willing.

If you want to be creative read about almost anything and everything around you. That is what that helps one to reconstruct things in your head. If you can reconstruct and imagine that scene so can your audience. Maybe that was the skill JK Rowling used in writing Harry Potter. Make your audience see the scene in their minds since that is what that makes your work fan to read.

Put yourself in the shoes of your readers. When pinning down your ideas see if it is something you would spend your time to read. If it feels off it will also feel off for your reader. Have someone you look up to and use their work as an example. However make sure that you are not copying their style as it would make your work irrelevant altogether.

When you settle for this kind of writing know what your angle will be and the approximate number of characters you would want in the story. If you start blindly without a plan you will end up being stuck when you are quarter way gone. Know how the story will be twisting and how you will gradually grow your characters one by one.

If you are planning on venturing into this field be ready to release a couple of more volumes. People love it when they are given a chance to keep experiencing an imaginary world. A lot of readers prefer not to read some text that sounds as if it is currently happening. In as much as this could be a good writing style try not to use it.

It is easy for target audience to love or hate a character once you introduce them therefore if you want to keep them glued give them a character they will love. Making them work too hard to love a given character does not work automatically therefore be on the lookout. If there has to be rivalry it should something that can be controlled.

Take advantage of the cyberspace. In writing the old way is not yet gone but you can start small. You no longer have to go to a publisher for approve first. Put some work on your blog and see how people react to it. They can even help you write the next chapter from the comments they make. Before you know it you will have a full book.

Think about it. If failure was an option Stephen Kling would probably have been a school teacher and JK Rowling would still have the Harry Potter series in her head. Do not stop try and focus on your goal. When you fall down five times wake up six and keep going. It does not matter who thinks you are not qualified as long as you believe in yourself it is all that matters.

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