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When You Should Work With A Career Counselor In The San Francisco Bay Area To Update Your Resume

By Elinor Fowle

Updating your current resume is a key part of finding a good job. There are many times when people do not add in the new experience and educational accomplishments that are capable of making them stand out. Because potential employers will always see your resume first, take these important steps to ensure that you have an accurate and effective resume to market yourself with.

Start by listing out your recent accomplishments that you can share with your career counselor during your next appointment. Try to include everything even if you don't think it's relevant, like the amount of sales increases you were able to create for your team in the last quarter given that this catch the eye of prospective employers. When you go into these meetings, the counselor is going to refresh your memory by asking a series of questions. You want to give honest answers so that your resume accurately reflects your skills.

It is also necessary to remove outdated information or wording from resumes sometimes. This is because you want to make sure that your resume highlights skills and experience that are relevant to the industry in which you are applying.

As an example, once you have some post-college work experience, it may not be necessary to list the fast food job you had in high school. It is also best to eliminate the formative stages of your education once you have more impressive things to list in this area. This will shorter the entire document while making the good stuff truly stand out.

Many people find that having several resumes on hand is effective when they apply to multiple industries. Tailoring your resume to fit a specific career position is also effective for ensuring that it does not get overlooked in computerized search systems.

For these and other reasons, a professional career counselor in San Francisco will focus on revising your resume so that it's polished and able to garner the attention of prospective employers. Start building a resume now that will impress companies in the future.

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