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Curly Koa Wood Including Their Special Features

By Larry Walker

There are many different types of wood. It is one of the most used materials used in construction or in the making of furniture. Each and every one of them possesses characteristics; this is why they can be used in different purposes. They are normally classified into two types namely; hardwood and softwood. Softwood can be obtained from conifer trees whereas hardwood can be obtained from deciduous trees. There is another wood that is known for its grain pattern as well as rich colors that it possesses. Curly Koa wood is its name meaning brave or warrior. It might be one of the most famous and rare woods in the world. In some cultures it was considered as sacred.

It possesses decorative color and texture. This among other reasons is why it is famous. The unique properties shown by the tree is mainly dependent on the age and kind of soil it grew and matured in.

Its ability to be able to resist insects and rotting is among the reasons why it fetches such high market value. It is this among many other special qualities that timber dealers or even carpenters prefer to use this lumber to make different artefacts for instance furniture.

The Koa tree is a rare species unlike others that grow in abundance. The reason for this is that as the years passed by, the trees were cut to pave way for farming practices. They were cut down without replacement causing them to almost face extinction. This is why you will find that of all the trees that grow in a particular forest, only one percent are of Koa species.

In the early years, it was used to make canoes and spears. In this modern world it is mostly used to make furniture, boxes, bowl turning, and even guitars. This is because it has medium bending strength. For many dealers in lumber, it can be described as the best because of its fabulous appearance.

This wood is one of the most expensive offered in the market today. One of the reasons contributing to this is that the tree can only grow and thrive in a certain kind of region and no other place. It requires optimal kind of conditions that are only available in a specific region. This is one of the major causes that contribute to the scarcity of lumber.

The tree is made available in both public and privately owned lands. However, they can only be harvested while dead or decaying. Anything before this is considered a sin and serious penalties may be faced if caught breaking these kinds of rules.

When the trees are mature they tend to spread to great lengths. They are among others known to be the fastest to grow. They offer habitat to endangered species such as birds and also been known for providing places for worship for the people around the region as well as foreigners. Therefore, they should be taken good care of to avoid them being extinct.

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