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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Multifolcal Lenses

By James Perry

If you are preparing for a cataract surgery, you really have to know the details first before the operation. Your surgeon must be able to review all details including the intraocular lens replacement options that you will have. Know that a number of factors can affect your choices so consider a few things before you decide for a surgery.

There are accommodative or multifocal lenses that one should select when undergoing this type of surgery. Multifolcal lenses Brooklyn NY would allow the person to see things clearly even it is far, near or intermediate. These lenses have optical powers that may vary and could bring focus on various points.

These types of lens rely on your eye muscles to be able to move backward and forth henceforth changing the focus. The lenses can also give a good quality result when your both eyes have it. Know that there are major gains and drawbacks of this option so before you decide, you must think properly first which is good and which is not.

One advantage is the fact that most multifocal users find that there is no need for glasses when doing near activities. It also confers intermediate vision and good distance. A reading vision, however, using this one can be difficult according to the users of this type of lens. Now, one can use it to correct astigmatism, which is a good thing.

There are major disadvantages however when one uses it not considering if it is indeed the right thing or the other way around. One is experiencing glare or halo around lights especially during nighttime. You will surely find it annoying. These symptoms are less common however when undergoing accommodative implant.

Another drawback is the loss of contrast associated to these lenses. This experience is possible to every person who had undergone it. There is also a loss of clarity in places with low light. This could happen for example when you read a menu in major dark areas. It could indeed be a problem in so many ways.

Also, know the private insurers and medicare will not even pay the costs of those lens and other services associated to the surgery that exceed the costs for any conventional method. You should only consider conventional monofocal when you do not mind wearing eyeglasses after the procedure. Consider it as well when do not think these lenses are worth your money.

Nevertheless, you can consider wearing multifocals if you give want to lessen your dependency on wearing glasses especially when you read a book. Understand the limitations and benefits of having it as well. The expert should provide a background about the things that the patient should know such as the total cost that needs to be paid after the operation.

You need to balance certain things to have the right choice. You will definitely pay for it so might as well make use of it. Preparing in advance will ensure that the outcome will be good. Consider the factors to avoid problems that may happen in the process. Asking for the input of your friends or family would also help.

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