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Laser Cataract Surgery Basic Information

By David Collins

Cataract is a condition which the normally clear eye lens become cloudy after slowly developing due to aging. Your vision tends to look fuzzy and the colors may be muted and when driving, halos and glare might be noticed. Having surgery is only advised when this problem interferes with doing your daily activities.

The surgery is traditionally done by creating an incision on the cornea using a hand held diamond blade which helps to access the cataract. The surgeon will then break it to fragments with the use of ultrasound waves suctioning it will be easier. When a laser cataract surgery in Brooklyn is used, it replaces the incisions and fragmenting steps.

A circular opening holding a cataract is also traditionally made manually but it could be done with accurately with laser. This would help in making it more circular and at the right location with better precision so it has the same size as the replacement lens. The fragments would still be suctioned the same way as the traditional one.

3D imaging is also used before the treatment to scan your eyes so an accurate 3D map would be made of its relevant structures. This helps the laser to focus where the incisions are intended and the surgeon would have great detail of your eye. It also helps in creating a replacement lens as accurately as possible.

The ultrasound waves used in breaking down cataracts to fragment may be harmful for the eyes of patients. When using laser, the ultrasound energy used is lessened which means the eye receives less harm or none at all. With this method, there are more options in correcting astigmatism available which can be taken advantage.

Having this surgery would give you a few choices in replacement lens like monovision and multifocal intraocular ones. This will help to reduce or lessen your need of spectacles for performing your daily routine. Your surgeon will discuss these options during eye examination to you so it would be possible for you to choose what you like in advance.

This procedure will only last for fifteen or twenty minutes and is performed while you are awake though a medicine numbing your eyes would be given. While the laser is used, patients usually describe seeing kaleidoscope of lights with a slight feeling of pressure only. After this procedure is done, a protective shield is then placed over the eye.

The nurse will be checking your vital signs while resting in recovery room and after thirty minutes, you could go home. The whole process last only for two or three hours that includes preparation before surgery such as dilating your eye and the 3D imaging. It is normal to have blurred vision for at most two days though some have improved visions immediately.

Not too many restrictions are given to patients during recovery but lifting heavy objects or engaging in strenuous exercise for a week must be avoided. You may visit several practitioners of this method in Brooklyn NY ask them more questions. This would be your way of finding out how much does it cost and choosing one you are most comfortable with.

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