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Try Safe Holistic Medicine Remedies

By Shirley Lee

Treating the whole person, rather than addressing individual symptoms, is the goal of holistic medicine remedies and therapies. Another tenet is the basic belief that the body will heal itself, given the right nutrients or adaptogens to stimulate the immune system and other integral processes. Finally, the alternative practitioner seeks to do no harm. In this field, it is not acceptable to almost kill the patient in order to defeat a disease.

'Whole person' healing is designed to bring people back to health while doing no harm with medications or procedures. Pharmaceutical drugs, radiation, and surgery can have unwanted consequences. Traditional methods that use herbs, therapeutic touch, stress relief therapy, and dietary changes are safer. More modern protocols include amino acid or mega-vitamin supplementation. Today there are many newly 'discovered' herbs on the market.

A person under extreme stress can be helped, for example, by a cup of chamomile tea or a soothing massage. If there is adrenal exhaustion, which can result from too much stress over a long period of time, a program of targeted supplements and good nutrition may be prescribed. GABA, an amino acid, can be very calming and do more to restore harmony than an anti-depressant.

Many alternative healers say that food is the best medicine. Arthritis sufferers may be able to avoid harmful anti-inflammatory painkilllers or steroids if they change their eating habits. Cutting out wheat and/or gluten as well as sugar and dairy can often relieve pain and swelling, and herbs like tumeric and curcumin might work even better than NSAIDS.

This approach eliminates the harmful side effects of many pharmaceuticals and is also good for any other ailments the person may suffer. They may find that their migraine headaches go away, too. Their ankles may stop swelling and they may regain their ideal weight.

There are certain herbs called adaptogens which can rebuild a weakened system. These plants are not mere stimulants, although they can act in this manner if the body needs it. Ginseng is one herb that helps men regain vitality, while eleuthero or Siberian ginseng is considered better for women. Ashwagandha is an Indian herb that can prevent the afternoon energy crash that affects office workers, but it also helps promote deeper, more restful sleep if taken at bedtime.

When the whole system is in balance, energy levels are high and healing occurs at every level. It is easier to be optimistic when you feel good. If emotional problems are sapping you, there are many natural things that can help. Holy Basil is an herb traditionally used for anxiety. The flower remedy Star of Bethlehem can ease grief, while White Chestnut will help calm the mind and curb unwanted thoughts that can keep a person awake at night.

There are hundreds of helpful remedies, but you only need to find a few that work for you. The city near you will have holistic clinics, where medical doctors and alternative healing practitioners can advise and provide treatment. There is a centuries-long herbal record and many new ideas from modern research. Find the program that can restore you to health safely and quickly.

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