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Information On The Process Of Paraffin Removal

By Mary Williams

In the oil extraction industry, paraffin wax build-up is a familiar issue. Paraffin wax has a lot of crippling effects on the oil well production. They cause a lot of oil to precipitate, which over time, reduces the oil flow. With time, oil production might stop completely. Oil is among one of the most important natural resources on earth. Thus paraffin removal is important whenever it occurs.

Oil is mined and this is done by creating oil wells that are drilled into the surface of the earth. The design of a well assists in bringing the oil to the surface. Natural gas is brought to the surface together with the oil in some cases. Sometimes, separate wells for extracting natural gas may also be drilled. Before the location of the well identified, a study has to be done. This enables one to know the ideal location to drill the well before drilling starts.

The process is usually done by geologists. The location is chosen to optimize oil production. It is also chosen to confirm any existence of hydrocarbon. The point of injection is also to be determined. This point should be permeable to enable disposing of water or gas. A target is an end point of the well where the oil or gas can be disposed from.

Drilling work can start only after the location is identified. Required size determines the size of the well. Sections of steel that are smaller than oil wells a are inserted into the well during drilling. Safety measures are taken to ensure that workers and equipment are safe. One of the safety measures that is taken involves casting cement into the casing.

Casting the cement provides the well with proper structural integrity. It also helps in reducing the dangers of high pressure regions. Among the heavy organics of crude oil is paraffin wax. They are normally the mixture of asphaltenes and paraffin. Remains of kerosene are composed of salt crystals, sand, gum, resins and silt. It is because of all these deposits that kerosene needs to be removed continuously and constantly from the wells.

Various methods exist to be used for removal of kerosene. It is important for one to consider safety when choosing a method for paraffin elimination. Many methods such as the use of chemical solvents require the use of caustic reagents. Caustic reagents can be very hazardous to workers working in the oil sites. They can also cause damage of oil drilling equipment. Also many chemicals contain toxins that can be harmful to the health of human beings.

There are a range of techniques for eliminating the wax build ups. These methods include, Mechanical methods, scraping method, coiled tubing, thermal method, hot oiling, hot water, and chemical and wax solvents. There are cases when several of these methods are used in combination.

The nature of wax build up is a factor an individual has to put under consideration when choosing the best method to use. It is possible that if this problem occurs in a well, there are other problems too. Thus, the nature of an accumulation is very vital. It may give a hint of other problems not readily perceivable.

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